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Copy and paste images from the clipboard

From the clipboard

When starting up PixelZoomer, a desktop screenshot is created automatically. You can start using the available analysis tools directly. This workflow is suitable for most of the scenarios of a user interface developer. But there are some cases where you need the help of the clipboard. For this purpose PixelZoomer provides a special feature so that you can simply paste images from the integrated Windows® clipboard.

Many ways for a common goal

To copy an image to the clipboard there are different possibilities. One way is the usage of an image viewer which provides a copy function in the edit menu which will accomplish the task. This feature is also available in the integrated paint and photo applications of Windows®.

Another method for storing graphics in the clipboard cache lies in selecting an image area directly: this is possible in nearly every image editing program. Simply select the favored image region and use the edit/copy menu item or press CTRL+C to copy the region to the clipboard.

The last and most common possibility of creating a desktop screenshot is pressing the PRINT key which creates a snapshot of your entire desktop immediately.

For mouse-over and hover effects

Screenshot with mouse-over effect

There are areas of a website or a software where the mouse cursor has to be moved over a specific element to retrieve context-sensitive information or display additional components (mouse-over or hover effect). Those elements can be represented by tooltips, flyout menus or just icons. If you need measure such an element the mouse cursor may not be moved away.

This is where the PRINT key on your keyboard comes to the rescue. It will capture the entire desktop and save the image in the clipboard of the operating system. After doing that you can start PixelZoomer and click the item Open image from clipboard from the toolbar. The image from the clipboard will be inserted directly and you can start analyzing it.

Save a screenshot

Sometimes you want to save the current state of a website or a software application in visual form. Or you need to backup a certain state for a later comparison. For this purpose PixelZoomer provides a special function which saves the current screenshot in the program window as PNG image. The function can also be found in the right corner of the toolbar.