Pick desktop screenshot colors with an eye dropper

Pick colors with the eye dropper

Every pixel of the desktop

Extracting color values from a website, a program window or any place on the desktop is no problem with PixelZoomer. The integrated eye dropper analyzes the pixel under the mouse cursor and shows the respective color value in the HEX format. You can read out the RGB value from a tooltip on the toolbar.

Even easier with zoom

A pixel is different in its size, regarding to the screen resolution and pixel density of the monitor. But it's always difficult to distinguish between pixels with a mere eye. It's even more difficult to pick exactly that one pixel which is below the mouse pointer. So that's where the integrated zoom tool of PixelZoomer comes into play: by enlarging the desktop screenshot you can see pixels more clearly. And so you can also pick the colors of different pixels more accurately. By the way: when holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse cursor around, the current color value will be updated with the color of the currently selected pixel.

Color preview and input field

HEX color value as input field with preview

The eye dropper doesn't require an explanation: select the tool, move the mouse pointer over the favored pixel and click. The color value of the selected picture element is shown directly in the common hexadecimal format (HEX) and also as RGB value via tooltip. You can change the appearance of the color value in the settings and so you can choose whether to include the number sign or not. Also, the color value is shown in an input field: you can simply click and select the color value in order to copy and paste it in CSS.

To ensure that the chosen color value represents the selected pixel under the cursor, a color preview is shown next to the color input field. The preview represents the selected color value in real-time as a square area.

Also for design templates

The eye dropper isn't only for the quick check of an implemented website or a software application: especially design templates can vary in their quality. So it can happen that not all design color values are defined in the template. Or you have to distinguish whether there is a subtle color gradient on that button or not. The integrated eye dropper can help you in such situations since you can simply open the design template in your preferred image viewer and create a desktop screenshot with PixelZoomer afterwards. Alternatively you can copy/paste a design template from the image viewer into PixelZoomer if the template is there in a common graphics format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.).