A magnifier for pixel perfect zooming

PixelZoomer - Zoom and pan websites

For precise work

PixelZoomer comes with an integrated screen magnifier and allows a maximum zoom level of 3200% – all tools work precise at any zoom level so that even minimal measures are possible. By using the pan tool you can easily move the enlarged image area around: an existing selection that was created using the measuring tool will keep its position.

More than websites

No matter if you are web designer, frontend programmer or software developer: if you want to realize a design template as accurate as possible, you have to work precisly.

The amount of elements that have to be aligned, centered, adjusted or moved, is extensive – buttons, icons, input fields, graphics, images, headlines, texts and navigations are just a few examples of possible components of a software or web application. PixelZoomer makes no difference here: the program creates a screenshot of the entire desktop (or the selected screen) automatically so that really every single pixel can be analyzed, enlarged and measured. So the application is suitable for web design but also for software development, desktop authoring and screen publishing.

Zoom with mouse and keyboard

To ease the work with the measuring tool or the eye dropper, it's recommended to enlarge the desired area of the desktop screenshot in PixelZoomer. To enable the integrated magnifier, you can use the mouse wheel, a keyboard shortcut or a dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the program. Alternatively you can choose the classic zoom tool in the settings: when enabled, you just have to create a rectangle selection for the desired area – this area will be enlarged to the maximum possible zoom level.

Zoom levels up to 3200% for pixel perfect magnifying

Optimal workflow


PixelZoomer is easy to use since the desktop screenshot is created automatically. All tools are available on program startup directly. The main functions are located in the upper menu bar and there are no sub menus which would be required.


PixelZoomer is a compact software application which is reduced to the bare minimum. There are no redundant features since it was made for the only purpose of pixel-based image analysis.


The various zoom, measure and color tools of the program are simple to use and only require a short training period. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts and component appearances to your needs.


PixelZoomer is based on Mozilla technology and a runtime package that is optimized for Windows®. The application has a low memory consumption and relies on a fast C++ component for creating screenshots.

Modern tools

The program was developed during and for the process of user interface development. The actual tools of PixelZoomer are the product of a long development and optimization process: that's why they reflect the workflow for which the software is made for. The tools work reliable and speed up the process of implementing a design with HTML/CSS. Usually the program window of PixelZoomer is opened just for a few seconds: you zoom in the desired area and measure a distance or pick a color. Afterwards you continue with development.

Webdesign workflow with PixelZoomer